Buddy’s Junk Removal How It Works


Easy Booking

Booking junk removal in Brunswick & Horry Counties is easy! Book Online or call us at 843-593-6715 to schedule your appointment!

On-time Arrival

Describe your items and we’ll give you a complimentary service estimate. Once we arrive at the location, we will give you a concrete number based on the trailer-load.


Our crew will do all the heavy lifting! We’ll load everything up, sweep up the mess, and haul everything away for recycling and disposal.


Don’t you have better things to do than bust your tail trying to remove junk from your property? This is a job for Buddy’s Junk Removal, so leave it to us. We’re professional and hardworking during every step of the junk removal process!

  • Quote. First things first, we’ll look at the junk you’d like us to take and serve you a firm, custom quote.
  • Haul. Approve our quote, and we’ll take your junk to our truck one armful after another. We work fast!
  • Disposal. Finally, we’ll recycle, donate, or otherwise dispose of your junk items. Thanks for your business!


We are at your service in Brunswick and Horry counties! When you’ve got junk that has to go, don’t settle for whatever group of amateurs you can find. Leave this sort of work to the professionals. You’ll be glad you did by the end of your appointment!

  • Insured. By choosing us, you’ll risk no liability because our crew is fully insured and ready to launch into work.
  • Trained. Our staff is fully trained and has plenty of experience. In other words, we know what we’re doing.
  • Friendly. The word “buddy” is in our name for a reason. Our staff is kind, courteous, and happy to see you.


An important part of the junk removal process is determining how much our customers pay per appointment. Don’t worry, though. Our prices are always fair because they’re based on the volume of the junk we haul away. In addition, you’ll never have to deal with hidden fees, either. Learn more about our pricing model.

If you’re itching to get started, then we’d love to have you on our schedule! Need an appointment fast? Then you’ll love our next-day availability. Get started today by booking online or by calling us at 843-593-6715.


Just call 843-593-6715 or email [email protected] for your instant services quote today!