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Buddy’s Junk Removal can help you out when you need junk removal in South Brunswick! Sometimes, the local trash pickup service doesn’t want what you’ve put out on the curb. In these cases, we can help you out and save you the frustration of figuring out what went wrong.

There are very few exceptions to the junk we can take off your hands. So count on us to remove it from your property fast. From there, we’ll visit a local disposal site so you can stay at home instead.

Buddys Junk Removal Employee Removing Junk Metals
The South Brunswick Junk Removal Experts

No need to work up a sweat. With the assistance of our full-service crew, you won’t have to put on work gloves, or do any of the work at all, really. We’ve got this covered, step by step!

  • Show us the junk that’s got to go, and we’ll make it go! We carry it right out your door and never cause any damage to your property.
  • All of your unwanted clutter gets loaded up onto our truck. It’s a pretty big vehicle, so rest assured there’s room for all your stuff.
  • Now that you’ve gotten rid of some furniture or appliances, you may have revealed some dusty floors. We’ll sweep ’em up.
  • Lastly, we’ll deal with disposing of the junk for you. We recycle and donate all the items we can and take the rest for proper disposal.
Person Removing Junk Boxes
Committed to Your Needs

You are our client, and therefore, your satisfaction is our top priority. No exceptions!

  • We work fast. Your time is important, and the last thing we want to do is waste it. That’s why we show up on time and finish our work swiftly.
  • Our prices are fair. We’ll give you an upfront quote based on volume, and we’ll never charge you hidden fees. It’s simple, honest, and straightforward.
  • We treat you right. At Buddy’s Junk Removal, we service our community through faith, family, and friendship. That’s why we are always smiling!
Online scheduling with Buddy's Junk Removal
Scheduling with Buddy’s

Junk removal in South Brunswick is only an online form or a phone call away! We want to serve you, and we can even serve you as soon as tomorrow, but only if you reach out to us!

  • Book online. All you have to do to schedule your appointment is fill out our website’s contact form. Just tell us some details about your junk removal job!
  • Call 843-593-6715. Of course, we also have phone staff available to take your call. So don’t hesitate to ring us up and ask for a cost estimate!


Buddy’s Junk Removal is so much more than just a business for junk removal in South Brunswick. In fact, we provide junk removal services you can trust in cities and townships throughout Brunswick and Horry Counties. Some of those areas include the following:


Just call 843-593-6715 or email [email protected] for your instant services quote today!